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Targeted Lead Generation

“2004 online retail sales rose 23.8 percent to $89 billion, representing 4.6 percent of total retail sales. Including travel, online sales also rose 23.8 percent to $141.4 billion. Online retail sales will reach $109.6 billion [in 2005]. Online sales including travel will rise to $172.4 billion this year.”  — Forrester

As more and more people take to the internet, its not common to find people researching on your products before making a purchased. With the ease of use through the internet, everyone is more informed and educated with regards to the purchases that they can now make.

Hence the internet is a good medium to interact with potential prospects that you wish to attract to your company’s offering. If your company’s presence on the internet is diminished due to the lack of a proper internet marketing strategy, you will slowly see your competitors creeping up behind you.

The quest for online dominance can be a tough one. There are many design firms that can create stunning websites or complex eCommerce portals for you. However a pretty website that does not generate leads or sales is as good as non-existent.

Savant Consultants understands that the main aim of your business is to expand, generate new prospects and maximize profits. We are an e-Retail Strategist that offers creative solutions for your online marketing needs, assisting you to leverage off the internet to grow your market share and achieve your aims.