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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Market Share

Share Of Searches: July 2006

The chart above shows the percentage of online searches done by US home and work web surfers in July 2006 that were performed at a particular search engine. Internal site searches, such as those to find material within a particular web site, are not counted in these totals. The activity at more than 60 search sites makes up the total search volume upon which percentages are based — 5.6 billion searches in this month.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization Leads Comparison

In the above

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chart, Search Marketing is reflected as the most effective marketing solution amongst others in terms of marketing cost per lead generated.

Searching is the second most commonly performed activity of all Internet users – right behind using e-mail. More than 80 percent of Web users find the sites they are looking for by using a search engine, according to both Forrester Research and Georgia Tech’s GVU Center User Surveys. In recent studies, top e-commerce and information web sites were discovered to receive up to 85 percent of all of their visitors (and customers) from search referrals.

Difference Between Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search Media Campaigns

Though paid search campaigns run on search or shopping engines,
they require very different budgeting, supervising, technology and skills from
classic Search Engine Optimization.

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you appearing on the search engines or do you see your competitors instead?

Search engines drive extremely targeted traffic. The visitor who finds your site through a search engine is already actively looking for exactly what you provide. Imagine how many potential sales or leads you can tap on.

The objective of Search Engine Optimization is to increase web visitor counts by ranking very high in the results of searches using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site.

Our Search Engine Optimization Service – The Savant Way

Savant’s Structured Campaign Setup

Search Engine Optimization Process

Savant Consultants follows a fixed form of methodology to ensure that your search engine optimization campaign is fully covered for optimal rankings for your website on the search engines.

Being one of the most comprehensive and detailed SEO solution providers in Singapore. You can be sure that your company’s

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website will start ranking well for related keywords so as to increase your company’s profits.

We follow a 5 step process as covered below:


In depth analysis is done on your current website to determine your current search engine positions and how to better improve it. Recommendations will be made for on page optimization. Competing websites’ data will also be analysed to give a situational analysis of what rankings your website can achieve on the search engines.


Don’t guess at the best keywords to target for your website, we can determine the exact keywords and phrases that will drive quality visitors to your website. Start ranking for keywords that your prospects are searching for. All this will be covered in the recommendations report we deliver in SEOKEY.


Every website is different, and so is the search engine optimization strategy for your website. We will tailor make a search engine optimization campaign to improve search engine ranking for your website.


Savant Consultants will use a a myriad of search engine optimization techniques to ensure that all your bases are covered. This will all be in accordance to the plan laid out in SEOSTRAT.


Maintaining search engine rankings is a constant endeavor. Especially so if your competitors are also search engine optimizing their websites. Savant Consultants will continue with monthly implementaions so to make sure your website increases or maintains its search engine ranking.

Get Your FREE Search Engine Optimization Analysis Report

More and more companies are adopting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve Cost Effectiveness and Cost Efficiency in their marketing campaigns. Is your company at a disadvantage because you are not involved in Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) ? Submit your company’s details and we will conduct a preliminary analysis for your company’s website.

Free Search Engine Optimization Analysis Report

  • Find out your competition online
  • Understand the basic elements of improving Search Engine Rankings
  • Comparison with Top 10 Competitors online
  • Find out how to outperform your competitors and improve Search Engine Rankings

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