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Our Planning Services

Marketing Strategy

Primary customer research. We combine the power of focused research on propriety platforms with industry-standard techniques to give you a clear picture and highly detailed understanding on your customers and their behaviour in market conditions. We use those insights to drive the creation of successful marketing programs. From eyeball tracking, user immersion experience to linguistic profiling, we can better understand the customer vernacular and predict patterns in their decision process.

Competitive and market research. Simply put, knowing what your competitors are doing and how the market is behaving now and in the future places you in a much better position to deliver insights not yet mined and give fresh perspectives to your customers. With campaign, positioning analysis, as well as an evaluation of their tactics in the digital landscape gives a useful threat evaluation and gives focus and direction to your campaign.

Persona development. Persona development is the talk of the town in a true digital immersion experience, and we here at Savant use a targeted approach, leveraging on data to create compelling and fact based, evolving personals that not only inform, but reach out to your target market.

Digital marketing strategy. Increase your findability online. Immerse your customers in your brand. Acquire new platforms and channels to maximise your online presence and marketing efforts. If these are your marketing goals, we have the tools to deliver this and much more.

Integrated search marketing strategy. The power of search engine optimization is undeniable. The currency of a well planned paid search (Pay Per Click) strategy does wonders for your ROI. It makes marketing sense to combine these two for an integrated and effective solution. Dominate your market segment and drive clicks, interactions and conversions through our approach in integrated search marketing. Unity is strength in digital marketing.

Social media/word-of-mouth strategy. The social sphere has transferred from offline to online. People talk online, they recommend, they refer, they strike down. From blogs, wikis, social media sites, forums – people are talking about brands and how they affect them. We capitalise on this to immerse your brand in their everyday conversations online, ensuring that you remain in the positives as well as recognising risks as they come. We plan campaigns that help you create buzz online and energise your target market, and get them talking about you.

Mobile marketing strategy. As the cornerstone of an emerging market, mobile marketing is something that cannot be ignored. How we use the phone everyday has changed, it has become our entertainment centre, our information library and our shopping carts. We can help you capitalise on this ‘movement’ technology to connect with your consumers through SMS, context – specific ads, apps creation and much more.

Analytics and performance planning. Having the best multi dimensional, sweeping, earth shaking marketing campaign is nothing without data. Where are your customers coming from? What are they doing on your space? What are they buying or not buying? Why? Data helps us learn from campaigns and tweak them for maximum performance. Campaign and site-side analytics, segmentation modelling, optimization, integrated offline-to-online campaign reporting – you name it, we can help.