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Pay-Per-Click Management

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click ?

Search Engine Marketing


Pay-Per-Click basically brings you and your business Qualified Sales Leads. Which in other words mean that the prospects are already interested in what you and your business provides.

Major Search Engines like Google connects you only with prospects that are already searching for what you sell. Delivering only targeted sales leads to you, which leads to higher conversion rates and Improved Return-On-Investment.

Pay-Per Click Defined

In paid search services, clients pay per click (PPC) for their listings and search engines (for eg. Google) will display their brief text ad and hotlink near the organic listings for the keywords or key-phrases which are selected. In certain search engines, ranking can be controlled as well. The client’s advertisement listings are marked as paid for by the advertiser or sponsored links.

The Savant Approach

Structured Campaign Setup


At Savant Consultants we Define marketing goals that are consistent with customer demands and enterprise strategy.


In this phase we Measure, research and identify the keywords relevant to customer’s industry specific consumer search behavior.


After research and identifying the keywords, Savant Consultants Analyze the keywords to create an online marketing campaign so as to achieve maximum ad performance, cost efficiency and cost effectiveness.


In the PPCDesignphase, we Design details, create advertisements, optimize the landing pages and create keyword relevant copywriting.


In the final phase of campaign setup, we will Verify, refine and review the created online marketing campaign with the customer and with the customer’s approval, implement the campaign.

Monthly Optimization Process

Search Engine Marketing


Why Savant Consultants?

With Savant Consultants’ experience and technology in Internet Marketing, Savant’s PPC team structures and implements effective paid media campaigns that are search based.

We understand that paid search is driven by a highly competitive dynamic bid environment, therefore we use a combination of research and proprietary technology to manage campaigns using leading edge predictive modeling and portfolio optimization.

Besides managing budgets, our team creates specifically-crafted landing page techniques to “herd” the most valuable consumers at the lowest possible cost.

Our success has been based on offering clients a way of generating new sales via pay per click management more cost effectively and at a greater volume than any other form of advertising can achieve.

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