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Our Creative & Communication Services


We combine design with communication. Creativity is the cornerstone of solutions that stand out. We at Savant Consultants have two things that make us stand out. Creative breadth and an ability to exist in any platform. Traditional, digital and emerging, we create identities, give you the edge, extend your brand and communicate to your target market. Our portfolio ranges from both BTL and ATL collaterals and design, using our expertise, a constant finger on the pulse of emerging trends, backed up by research and statistics on designs that not only look outstanding, but work.

Copywriting, editorial and trend writing. An always understated fact of marketing and communication is what you write, how you write it and how you address your market. Tone, style, stance, language and the dynamics of layout. It is all about creating not only a reading experience, but building a relationship through writing. It all depends on your industry, your objectives and what your target market is. We use demographic and geo-centric data to help you craft language that people understand, because this is what most companies are missing the point of. Language is getting more important, and how you present it as well, based on your platforms. The traditional reader is a different creature from the digital one, and we help you grab their attention.

Annual Reports & Publications. As a company we give you a voice that your stakeholders, partners and consumers can understand and use progressive design and editorial that both communicate your brand, your critical information in an engaging and impressive way. From magazines, bi-annual publications, coffee table books and periodicals, and much more, we are able ensure the highest quality.

Marketing and communication collaterals. From brochures, flyers, EDM’s, unique packaging media and press kits, press releases to advertising mediums, we exist in multi platform arenas, combining marketing goals with design savvy, to create a package that communicates, markets and converts – all in one go.

Web Design and Digital Copywriting. Creating a unique presence online, attuning a web browsing experience that is tailor made for your crowd and designing a stand out solution are just some of the things we do. People who surf are different. They see things differently, they engage product spaces differently and they read things differently. From layout, design to editorial, we provide an entire package that works and we back this up with proven research and statistics on design ergonomics and website readability, creating an end user experience that is immersive and engaging.