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Company Profile

Savant Consultants has its roots in bottom line Search Optimisation, SEM and Digital Marketing. As the internet and its potential for being a truly versatile communications and marketing outreach medium grew in size, so did we. With future developments on the horizon, Savant Consultants exists on the cutting edge of digital communications, combining the power of the internet as a marketing platform with ported communication strategies for a one stop, digital campaign solution.

We prepare your brand to truly exceed and excel in the digital landscape. We are not just digital marketers, but progressive thinkers who understand the power of the internet to connect you to your consumer. Our mandate is to ensure that consumers can find you, live and breathe your brand and experience it in a way only cyberspace can offer. Our strategies are tested and proven, using a variety of trusted and emerging technologies that include on site Web Development, Digital and Search Marketing, Social Media, Online Public Relations Campaigns and so much more. Our formula is based on the simple principles of knowing the market, embracing distinct consumer psychology and tailoring a marketing campaign that works.

That’s what we do best.

Quality in Processes

Savant Consultants being a Six Sigma orientated company, apply the methodologies of Six Sigma to the design and operation of management systems and business processes which enable employees to deliver the greatest value to customers. We believe in improving customer’s value and ROI through the quality of services that we provide. Savant Consultants adopts Six Sigma performance improvement models in our operations hence delivering quality and innovative results to our customers which we pride ourselves in.

Six Sigma focuses on customer requirements, error prevention, cycle time reduction and cost savings. Thus, the benefits from Six Sigma go straight to the bottom line of our clients achieving quality results from our implementations.